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Following The Bank Act of 1991, banks operating in Canada got classified into three schedules. Schedule I banks are banks that are not subsidiaries of foreign banks and allowed to accept deposits. RBC, CIBC and Scotiabank are some of them. Schedule II banks are those that are subsidiaries of foreign banks and allowed to accept deposits. Citibank Canada, ING Bank of Canada and AMEX Bank of Canada are some. Schedule III banks are foreign banks that have branches in Canada.


  • Bank of Montreal - The bank provides corporate, institutional, and investment banking services in selected markets across the continent, with a strong presence in personal and commercial banking in the U.S. Midwest and all regions of Canada. Have a look to HQ - Bank of Montreal Virtual Head Office for Small Businesses.
  • Business Development Bank of Canada - Canadian non-depositary bank exclusively serving small and medium-size enterprise: financial services, business consulting services, and venture capital.
  • La Caisse Desjardins - International financial institution with more than 5 million members.
  • Canada Trust - Canada Trust is a Canadian Financial Institution with $37 billion in deposits and $168 billion in assets under administration.
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - CIBC is one of the Canadian top six banks.
  • Citibank Canada - Issuer of VISA Cards all over Canada.
  • Citizens Bank of Canada- A virtual bank with a full range of consumer banking services.
  • Citizens Trust - A provider of high competitive GICs, RRSPs, foreign exchange and mortgage lending services.
  • The Credit Union Central of Canada - Offering community-based financial services, an alternative to banks and trust companies.
  • ING Direct Canada - ING DIRECT is the operating name of ING Bank of Canada, a member of ING Group. With worldwide banking and insurance assets exceeding $800 billion, ING Group is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. Our offices and operations are located in Toronto and Vancouver, and are run with a distinctively Canadian flavour by Canadians. Internet banking with international support and presence.
  • HSBC Holdings plc
  • Hong Kong Bank of Canada - Hongkong Bank of Canada and its subsidiaries offers Global Financial services - RRSPs, RRIFs, mutual funds, GICs, term deposits, discount trading, asset management, retirement and investment planning.
  • KS Bank of Toronto - A privately owned bank based in Toronto Canada, providing loans and deposits to small businesses and people in general!
  • Laurentian Bank of Canada
  • National Bank of Canada - An active social and economic force for the past 140 years, the National Bank of Canada is today the sixth largest chartered bank in Canada with assets of $69 billion. The National Bank's head offices are located in Montreal and its Canadian network boasts 655 branches. In all, more than 17,300 employees are responsible for the tradition of excellence that has come to characterize National Bank of Canada.
  • - Off Shore Financial Services (Canadian company) - Tax Heaven & Asset Protection. Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Island, Seychelles, Turks & Caicos Islands.
  • Pace Credit Union
  • Royal Bank of Canada - The Royal Bank Group is among North America's largest providers of integrated financial services with more than 9.5 million personal and business clients. The bank ranks first among all financial institutions in Canada in stock market capitalization and total assets, and first or second in almost every type of financial service provided in the Canadian market, except insurance. The services are provided through one of the largest banking networks in the world.
  • Scotiabank - One of the largest banks in Canada. Also has links to ScotiaMcLeod, the bank's brokerage subsidiary. This site provides information on the bank's products and services.
  • Toronto Dominion Bank - Canada's Premier Financial Institution on the Internet. This award winning website features extensive, up to the minute content on banking and securities.
  • Vancouver City Savings Credit Union - Located in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Vancity ist the largest single Credit Union in Canada with over 300,000 members.

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