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Banking sector in china and Malaysia have contributed a lot not only to the domestic financial sector but also to the global financial industry. After adopting the new economic policies the banks in china have experienced a better opportunity of working in the competitive global economy environment.


  • Bank of China - The URL of Bank of China should be the one summited above.
  • Agricultural Bank of China - One of the main banks in mainland China.
  • CITIC Industrial Bank - China International Trust & Investment Corporation
  • China Construction Bank - One of the main banks in mainland China.
  • China Merchants Bank - One of the main banks in mainland China.
  • Industrial and Commericial Bank of China - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is one of the largest state-owned commercial banks in China.
  • Kincheng Banking Corporation - Keep progressing with time, Kincheng Banking Corporation has now expanded and grown to become one of the top 500 banks in the world.


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