List of Ukraine Bank

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Ukraine Banking Sectors.


  • All-Ukrainian Joint-Stock Bank - Universal bank, providing full range of services on the local and foreign credit and financial markets.
  • Allonge, Kiev - The site provides general information on services and performance of the Ukrainian bank "Allonge".
  • BelPromStroiBank
  • Commercial stock-holding bank "Slaviansky" - "Slaviansky" bank has occupied a fast place in the first five of the most stable developing banks of the Ukraine.
  • Credit Dnepr Bank - Credit Dnepr provide all ranges of banking operations.
  • Privatbank, Ukraine - Privatbank was founded in Ukraine in March 1992, and since then occupies one of the leading position among Ukrainian banks. Has been rated by Thomson Bankwatch since 1997.
  • Ukrainian Innovation Bank - One of Ukraine's leading commercial banks.
  • United Commercial Bank - The universal commercial bank in Simferopol, Republic of the Crimea.


    The official currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia, also spelled as Hryvna or Grivna. It replaced the Coupon in 1996, which was the short-term currency used in Ukraine after it split from the Soviet Union. Ukrainian coins are called "kopiyka". One kopiyka equals 1/100 of Hryvnia.



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