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Opening Bank Account for USA non residents. List of Bank of USA . US banks are the largest and most innovative in the world. They are watching each other and the rest of the world, and contemplating what to do next.





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Is there any restrictions regarding citizenship? How do I open and access an offshore bank account?  -  In which currencies can I open offshore account?  -  What is the minimum deposit required to open an offshore account?  -  What documents are required for the opening of a bank account?  -  How long does it take to open a bank account?  - 
Who will control my bank account?  -  Is my bank account guaranteed when I pay your fee?  -  What happens, if a bank declines my account application?

Is offshore banking safe?  - Am I guaranteed absolute privacy and confidentiality from an offshore bank?  -  Can I view my offshore accounts and investments online?  - Can I get cards to access my money with an offshore account?

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