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Why open an account through your referral service?
We are independant consultants. For many non-Swiss residents, opening of a Swiss bank account seems difficult because you are not familiar with foreign banking practices, their reputation, safety record, size and so on. And often there is a language problem as well. There are over 500 Banks in Switzerland, all with somewhat different policies and services and not all accept American clients. Many banks in fact require you to appear in person.

Clients who establish accounts with Swiss Investment Bank through referrals by S.I.B.A Consulting will be subject to regular fees, charges and commissions levied by the Swiss Investment Bank. Clients who use the services of S.I.B.A Consulting will not pay any additional fees for using above services.

Which is the name of the Bank?
For confidentiality reason we give you Bank details and account opening procedure once you contact us for personal advise. The Swiss Investment Bank we refered is licensed to operate in Switzerland as an authorized Bank and a Securities dealer.  The full list of Swiss Bank can be found at www.ebk.admin.ch

Who can open a Swiss bank account?

In principle, anybody can open an account at a bank in Switzerland. However, banks reserve the right to reject customers. For example, a bank might refuse to offer banking services to a so-called "politically exposed person" who the bank believes would pose too great a reputational risk if he or she were to become a client. A bank might also refuse to start a banking relationship if it has doubts about the origins of the potential client's funds. Swiss banks are forbidden by law to accept money which they know or must assume stem from crime.

How can I open an account from my home country?

First of all it must be understood that Swiss banks have very procedures concerning the opening of accounts, irrespective of the domicile of the customer. In line with Swiss laws governing "due diligence", the bank must verify the identity of the customer on the basis of an official document (e.g. a passport).

Can I open a Swiss bank account entirely via the Internet?

In accordance with the Due Diligence Agreement (CDB 03), the bank verifies the identity of the contracting partner by obtaining a certified copy of an official identification document (e.g. passport). The certified copy may be provided by a notary public or public office that customarily issues such authentications. The bank also checks the address of the new customer through an exchange of correspondence.

What questions will the bank ask me?

First of all, the bank’s staff will certainly ask questions to fulfil the bank’s legal obligations with regard to due diligence. This will include asking for proof of your identity and also establishing the identity of the beneficial owner of the assets if you are depositing funds on behalf of someone else. The bank's staff might also ask about the origin of the funds and the nature of your professional business and they will also want to get an idea of your usual financial transactions. In order to offer you the best advice, the bank will also ask about your future plans, for example whether you intend to buy a house, start a business, retire, etc. If you are asking the bank to manage an investment portfolio they will also ask how much risk you are willing to accept. In short, the more the bank knows about you, the more it can tailor its advice and service to your individual needs.

Can I open an "anonymous" account?

No. There is no such thing as an "anonymous" account in Switzerland. Under Swiss law, the bank must know who you are.

Can I open a "numbered" accounts?


Is there a minimum opening deposit?


Does the account have to be in Swiss francs?

No. Banks offer accounts in US dollars, euros and other currencies besides the Swiss franc.

How much interest will the bank pay on my money?

The Swiss Investment Bank account does not pay interest.

How safe are Swiss banks?

All banks operating in Switzerland must be licensed by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (SFBC). The SFBC, which is a member of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, regulates and supervises all banks in Switzerland according to the Basel Committee’s standards. These standards cover not only equity and capital adequacy but also the entire scope of prudential and behavioural rules. As an additional safety measure, Swiss law demands capital adequacy standards even higher than those required by the Basel Accord. Swiss banks can therefore certainly be counted amongst the safest in the world. We verify that bank is licensed to operate in Switzerland from Swiss banking regulator www.ebk.admin.ch

How “secret” are Swiss banks?

In Switzerland great importance has traditionally been attached to the protection of an individual’s privacy, and this has always included financial privacy. Surveys consistently show that the vast majority of the Swiss people want to maintain this protection. However, the high level of confidentiality Swiss banks offer both their domestic and foreign customers is not absolute and certainly does not shield criminals. As a matter of principle the rights to privacy can be suspended when a criminal investigation is underway. Aim is to protect the privacy of the honest bank client while exposing criminals to the full force of the law.

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