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What are some of the general advantages of banking offshore?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every individualís circumstances are unique, and there are so many different types of account available in so many different locations in the world, and each offers the individual customer different features and benefits! But for an expatriate living and working overseas, for example, offshore banking could have tax benefits, as interest earned on offshore account could be paid without tax being deducted. And if you were to transfer your current savings and investments offshore, you may also be in a position to further reduce your tax liability in your home country. Other general benefits not limited to expatriate account holders may include asset protection, estate planning, privacy and confidentiality, better interest returns, lower taxation burden, the chance to exploit active business interests overseas in low to no taxation jurisdictions, and global access to assets and income.


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What is an offshore bank account?

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What are some of the general advantages of banking offshore?
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