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Swiss Numbered Bank Account

Some bank accounts are afforded an extra degree of privacy. Information concerning such accounts, known as numbered accounts, is restricted to senior bank officers, rather than being accessible to all the employees of a bank. However, the information required to open such an account is no different from that of an ordinary account; completely anonymous accounts are prohibited by law.

Personal private numbered Swiss bank account

Multi currency account - available in USD , EUR or CHF

No minimum initial deposit

No monthly maintenance charge or service fees

Swiss banking secrecy

No monthly minimum balance

Secured and encrypted online Swiss banking 24 hours

Visa and Mastercard available

Stock market and Forex trading available

Wire transfers and other European payment methods available via Internet

This bank is a member of the Swiss banking Association in Switzerland


Numbered accounts also have more mundane uses such as hiding funds from spouses, family members, and others who would potentially try to take funds away from the owner.

Swiss "numbered accounts should not be used for international wire transfers. According to international regulations the client's name, address and account number must be given when making international wire transfers.

Fee: 149 USD








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